Monday, October 11, 2010

Thai Thai II Bethlehem, PA

Thai Thai II
509 Main St
Bethlehem PA

My wife and I shoot photography for the occasional destination wedding to satiate our travel bug, and this trip was to Pennsylvania.  We only had a chance to go to one thai place, we tried another but just got a bad mix of Asian fusion.  First clue that you are not at an authentic Thai food restaurant... THERE IS SUSHI!  Thai Thai II was located in downtown Bethlehem on a very cool old main street, you know the kind that the local city puts a lot of dollars restoring.  The decor of this place was un-remarkable, white walls with some pictures of Thailand that looked like were purchased from a garage sale.  The tables had sheets of paper on it... real classy.  As usual the employees were very nice... one of the main reasons I love Thai places in the first place!  The restaurant was very busy for a Thursday night which is always a good sign.  The prices of the food was very expensive... I have never been to a more expensive Thai place... I am guessing that it was because of the location.  The Yellow Curry was very good, but they did not give me another plate to mix the rice and the actual curry together in.  This is something I rarely complain about, but there was too much chicken in the yellow curry!  We did something not very authentic Thai this trip (the wife insisted), we got a fried ice cream, which I believe is a Mexican dish.  The show was great, the actual fried ice cream wasn't so hot.  Sorry about the pictures of the empty plates, we were starving and couldn't wait to eat.

The prices were $13.99 for the yellow curry, $7.99 for the chicken satay, and there was no price for the Thai Ice Tea.

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 7
People: 9

Total: 23

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