Friday, November 5, 2010

Latitude Eight Thai Grill Chandler, AZ

Latitude Eight Thai Grill
11 W Boston St
Chandler, AZ

Wow, what an experience this was... first off let me tell you what I was expecting.  I expected to see a traditional old school Thai restaurant, what I saw here was a contemporary, new school Thai joint.  Just walking into this place feels right, the smell, the atmosphere, and the people.  Either the owner of the place is an interior designer or they hired one, because this place had a killer contemporary look to it.  They also must have hired a graphic designer for their logos, menus, and marketing materials, because they were amazing as well.  Good job Latitude Eight Thai Grill, you have done something that I have never seen at any other Thai restaurant.  The first thing we noticed when we pulled up was the part of town it is in, old town Chandler, which has a hip downtown feeling.  I loved the fact that they had a dish called "Chicken Yellow Curry"... my dish... my kind of place!  The Thai Ice Tea had a wonderful flavor, my wife said that I have to mention the fact that they had bendy straws, she loved that.  The presentation of the Chicken Satay was second to none... I felt like I was in a New York gourmet restaurant.  The taste of the Satay was killer, they mixed the sweet/sour sauce with the peanut sauce and it went amazing together.  The only negative thing I could say was when I ordered "medium" Yellow Curry, it was a little too hot, I should have just done what I usually do and order the Thai Chili powder on the side.  Another unique thing about this place was that they put peas in the Yellow Curry... mmm.  I am in love with this place if you can't tell.  One thing both Casi (my wife) and I noticed was the fact that you could taste the freshness of the ingredients... it sure gave the food a full flavor.  Lastly, the table next to use ordered wine with their meal and asked for suggestions, which the owner delightfully obliged, they were overwhelmingly impressed... so was I.  A sommelier, business owner, killer cook... my type of guy.

When we sat down, one of the first things I thought was "uh oh, this is going to be pricey" but it ended up being pretty affordable.  The Yellow Curry was $11, the Chicken Satay was $7, and the Thai Ice Tea was $2.50.

Food: 9
Atmosphere: 10 (I NEVER GIVE 10'S!!!)
People: 9

Total: 28

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