Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine

Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine
17 West Main Street
Mesa, AZ

I expected this place to me amazing... partly because it has the word "porn" in the name... and any business owner crazy enough to put that particular controversial word in the name must be a good cook... right?!  I actually found this place from Facebook... a friend of mine "checked in" to Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine.  The first issue I had with this place was parking... it is smack dab in the guts of main street in Mesa.  We went on a Friday night and apparently every first Friday of the month there is a biker rally, so the place was crowded, big time.  We didn't really have a person attending our table... we just had to grab any person walking by.  It took 10 minutes just to get a menu... not the type of service I am used to at a Thai restaurant.  The Chicken Satay were big thick chicken strips, which I normally don't like as much as the thin chicken strips... but along with the sauce, it made a great appetizer.  The Yellow Curry was a little above average... not spectacular, but I still enjoyed it.  They accompanied my Yellow Curry dish with the cucumber sweet and sour sauce... which I love... but not mixed in with Yellow Curry... I don't think the two flavors jive.  They throw in a free salad with dinner, which was a nice surprise.  I normally don't mention other dishes other than my favorite trio, but I have to mention my wife's Pad Thai... it was TERRIBLE!  The entire dish tasted like burnt chicken and had a bitter after taste.  It really sucks knowing your partner in Thai food eating crime is not having the best of times chowing down.

The appetizer was the only thing more expensive than I am used to.  The Thai Ice Tea was $2, the Chicken Satay was $7, and the Yellow Curry was $10.

Food: 7 ( I am going to drop it an extra point because of my wife's bad experience)
Atmosphere: 7
People: 6

Total: 20

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