Thursday, November 4, 2010

Royal Thai Nashville, TN

Royal Thai
120 19th Ave North
Nashville, TN

When I walked into Royal Thai it was very bright, a little too bright, I felt like I walked into my 5th grade school class. Other than it being too bright inside, the artwork and paintings on the wall were very cool. The music was authentic pop thai music, I always like it when a thai place actually plays thai music. At this particular Thai restaurant I was most intrigued by the menu. The menu had a lot of cool facts about thai food and spices. The Thai Tea had a very herbal taste to it, very good. All of the food you could actually taste the freshness of the spices… another cool fact I learned on their menu, they grown their own spices! The Chicken Satay was thinly sliced, well spiced, and the sauces were amazing… what a great combination! The server was a nice guy, he didn't come and talk to me much, but he did his job very well.

The prices seemed comparable to the other thai place in town that I did a review on. The Massaman Curry was $12.00, the Chicken Satay was $6.00, and the Thai Ice Tea was $2.50.

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 7
People: 8

Total: 22

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