Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angel's Thai Cafe Grand Rapids, MI

Angel's Thai Cafe
136 Monroe Center St
Grand Rapids, MI

The only parts of Angel's Thai Cafe that I enjoyed was the location and the Thai Ice Tea, with that said let's get on with the review.  The only parking I found was curb parking and there was little of it.  Like I said before I enjoyed the Thai Ice Tea, and it's creaminess. Who makes deep fried Chicken Satay???!!!  I don't know if you should be allowed to call something like that Satay... It clearly was not. It must have just come out of the fryer because it burned my lips off and semi-ruined the rest of my meal.  To top it off, no sweet cucumber sauce.  If I wanted Chicken Wings I would have gone to Buffalo Wild Wings.  It sounded like they were playing a christmassy feel Thai Music, which eased my lip pain for a few seconds.  The rice came in a cool straw case.  What a surprise I was not impressed with the Gang Garee, which turned out to be yellow in color but definitely not in flavor!  It tasted like pure Thai spice, if there was such a thing, this would be exactly what it would taste like. No creamy coconut milky goodness like I expect from my Yellow Curry.  To top the meal off I even crunched down on a rock, or something that felt as hard, not a pleasant experience.  Usually at least one aspect of my Thai restaurant experience worth the trip, but this place gave me nothing.  Overall disturbingly unimpressive, one of the only times I wish I would have eaten somewhere else.

The Thai Ice Tea was $2.00, the Chicken Satay was $4.95, and the Yellow Curry was $9.50.

Food: 3
Atmosphere: 4
People: 5

Total: 12 (OUT OF 30!!! WOWZERS)

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