Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thai Chili Henderson, NV

Thai Chili
2879 North Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV

A trip to Vegas turned into an opportunity to try some Thai food with my wife and her brother.  I pulled out my trusty iPhone and found one that was close to where we were.  Thai Chili was in a strip mall, which is nothing new, most Thai places I visit are in strip malls.  When we first walked in we felt like we were in a fast food joint.  It was 7:00 P.M. on a Saturday night in Vegas, and the place was empty, a pretty good sign that the place will be out of business soon.  So if you are reading this in a couple months and can't find Thai Chili, don't say I didn't warn you.  We asked the young Mexican girl if we could sit down and order, and with a baffled look she reluctantly said yes.  Another clue to the fact that this was a fast food joint was the prices, which I didn't mind at all, especially because it wasn't a business expense this trip. One of the odd things I noticed about this place was that they asked if we wanted Boba berries with our thai ice tea, my first question was "what is a Boba berry?", my wife's brother said it is a rubbery fruit they put in the drinks at most asian places around town, NO THANKS.  Each section of the meal came out with plastic bowls, plates, and utensils, which was a first for me, not terribly impressive. When a Yellow Curry dish costs the same as the appetizer, you can't expect much.  The yellow curry was pretty tasteless, but did have a mild curry flavor. I described the yellow curry in my notes "the opposite of a deep/complex flavor".  I asked for my usual mild to medium spice and it burned my lips off.  I was feeling the burn for the next couple hours.  All the while this is going on I hear "slizzard, blah, blah, like a G6, blah, blah". A Thai place bumping American top hits, not such a great idea.  You could sum this visit up by the type of utensils they brought out, plastic.

The best part of Thai Chili in Las Vegas was the prices.  The Thai Ice Tea was $1.99, the Chicken Satay was $5.95, and the Yellow Curry was $5.95.

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 5
People: 5

Total: 14 (I believe this is the lowest score yet!  We have a winner!)

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