Friday, February 25, 2011

Danh's Garden Shreveport, LA

Danh's Garden
3312 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA

The name of this "Thai" place was Danh's Garden, which sounds more Vietnamese than Thai.  They do claim to be a Asian Fusion place, so take that for what its worth.  The Thai Iced Tea came premixed and tasted like out of the tap tea with a little cream, not so great.  I am getting really sick of Thai fusion places that don't do the Thai portion of the food justice and this was one of those places.  The inside of the restaurant looked predominantly vietnamese, all the Vietnamese dishes had translations but the Thai was just in english.  The first thing I noticed when I chomped down on my first bite of the Yellow Curry was that it was Grissssssslly meat... which I can't stand, even though it was Chicken it still had really hard parts which reminded me of crunching down on bones.  Even the Chicken Satay had grissle, it was terrible.  I rarely don't eat my entire meal at a Thai restaurant but I couldn't even finish a couple bites of this meal.  To top it all off the peanut sauce they served with the Satay was horrible and they didn't even bring out sweet cucumber sauce.  All around this was some of the worst Thai food I have ever had... maybe their vietnamese food is good, but count on their Thai food to be disgusting.  The Yellow Curry was 80% grissle and 20% cilantro... was I eating at a bad Mexican food place?  The one slight saving grace of this place was the help... my server was a nice young lady.

The food was $2.50 for the Thai Iced Tea, $7.50 for the Satay, and $7.95 for the Curry.

Food: 1
Atmosphere: 6
People: 7

Total: 14

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