Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chili Thai Columbus, GA

Chili Thai
5870 Veterans Parkway
Columbus‎, GA

When you first walk into Chili Thai it has a nice wide open floor plan.  The waitress wasn't the nice Thai girl I appreciate at a Thai restaurant, she was a little short with me.  The Thai Tea was great, creamy and wonderful.  The Chicken Satay was interesting, it looked like it was going to taste amazing, but it didn't taste that way.  I think the problem with the Satay was the Chicken didn't have the flavor all the way through, it was also the first time I had come across a spicy version of the dish.  The yellow curry was OK, it didn't have that "yellow curry" taste, it had an element of something that overpowered the Curry taste.  I couldn't tell what that element was, but it overwhelmed my senses.  The Yellow Curry also had mushrooms in it, which I had never seen before, no big deal, I just pushed them to the side, I'm not too hot on mushrooms in my YC.  One of the biggest parts of a Thai food experience is the people... and just to reiterate the staff was unremarkable and boring.  I gave my server a 15% tip, which is the bare minimum in my opinion, I can't remember the last time I did that.

Thai Iced Tea $1.95
Chicken Satay $6.25
Yellow Curry $10.95

Food: 5
Atmosphere: 8
People: 3

Total: 16

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