Friday, April 29, 2011

Nan Thai Fine Dining Atlanta, GA

Nan Thai Fine Dining
1350 Spring St NW
Atlanta,‎ Georgia

Wow!  Walking into Nan Thai I felt like I was on the strip in Vegas!  The interior design is very classy, when they say fine dining in their name they meant it.  I can't say enough about the atmosphere at this place, it is definitely one of Atlanta's finest places to dine.  Not expecting the extravagance, I underdressed for the occasion, I would say shorts and a t-shirt is probably not the correct attire.  They did sit me at a table, probably a good thing too because the large seating area only had a few patrons.  The waitress was really nice, she started up conversation with me, cute and sweet.  The Thai Iced Tea was good, they served it in a tall glass with a decorated straw, I dig it.  The satay was pretty good, the chicken was a little dry, but the peanut sauce was super tasty.  The accompanying sweet cucumber sauce wasn't really a sauce, more just sliced cucumbers on a plate with a little of the sauce dripped on top, I prefer a lot of sauce.  The massuman curry wasn't great, it reminded me a lot of the taste of the sub-par yellow curry from another Thai place in town.  They used the avocado and cashews sparingly, something an expensive place like this shouldn't do.  They also only gave me one tiny little rice which I had to order another bowl to finish the meal.  When I brought up the rice to the waitress she agreed with me and was cool about it.  Overall very unimpressed with the food, it did not match my expectations that were established by the decor.

$40 for a one person meal!  Wow, good thing I'm not paying for it.

I don't know why the pictures turned out so terrible on this trip... my iPhone must have been giving me problems.

Thai Ice Tea $4.25
Satay $9
Massuman $18

Food: 5
Atmosphere: 9
People: 8

Total: 22

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