Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pranee Thai Hana, HI

Pranee Thai
Hana, HI

This was definitely a unique visit to an off the beaten path Thai restaurant. When we first started the road to Hana that morning, going down the south side, the last thing I was expecting was Thai food. When we arrived in Hana we saw an A-frame advertisement with the big words PRANEE THAI on it, I jumped at the chance. The whole restaurant experience was outside, which is not a bad thing in Hawaii, it's always great weather! When you first walk in they take your order and show you two dishes that were made in bulk that morning. They had a few made to order options but did not have my yellow curry, unfortunate. I ordered the pre-made red curry which smelled amazing. I was pleasantly surprised, there were a little too many bamboo shoots for my taste, but they put a lot of good juices on the rice so it soaked in. My wife Casi got a cooked to order Pad Thai that was not very good at all. It was almost tasteless, we put some Siracha sauce on to try and spice it up a bit which failed. My Red Curry came with a salad topped with some sweet peanut dressing, it was also very good. The Thai Iced Tea was a good companion to the meal. I think the drive to Hana helped this places ratings out, I was already really happy when I arrived, so it didn't take much to push me over that edge. We were served by a softball playing Hawaiian and she didn't have much personality. All the dishes were served on paper plates, but it seemed to fit in a barbecue out with the family kind of way.
The meal was a cool $20 even. I didn't get the exact prices because there wasn't any real menu but after paying $7k for 14 people to eat at Spaggo this seemed like at really, really cheap meal.

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 8
People: 3

Total: 18/30

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