Monday, May 2, 2011

Thai Delight (Orchid Thai Restaurant) Stateline, NV

Thai Delight (Orchid Thai Restaurant)
195 US Highway 50
Stateline, NV

For some reason this Thai place had two names, the name on my google maps was "Thai Delight" then I arrived and noticed all their signage said "Orchid Authentic Thai Restaurant", a little confusing but oh well.  Plastered all over the front door are signs saying that gift certificates and any online coupons are not going to valid as of a certain date... if I was a regular that would alarm me.  The prices reflected the area, although not as much as I expected, everything in the Lake Tahoe area has an inflated price.  The people seemed somewhat friendly and joked around with me right when I arrived.  The music was a "best hits of today" mix of the American top 10, not very authentic, even though their sign says they are authentic, hmmm.  The Thai Iced Tea was watered down and didn't have enough cream, it tasted like the ice had been in it for 30 min melting.  The Chicken Satay came out wonderfully, it satisfied my jonesing for a good Satay.  The Yellow Curry came out looking and smelling amazing, I noticed a lot of green specs in it though.  I asked for mild/medium spice and it came out tongue searing hot, and when I say tongue searing hot I mean Mexican food hot, I actually think they were jalapeƱos, it had the same burn anyway.  I much prefer Thai red chili. The burn doesn't last near as long or tickle the back of the throat.  I am guessing that the "Golden" Curry would have been very tasty, but I couldn't tell my mouth was on fire.  Looking back on it I probably should have sent it back but I don't like to cause a scene.

Thai Iced Tea around $2.00
Chicken Satay around $7.00
Yellow (they called it golden) Curry $12.50

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 6
People: 6

Total: 19

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