Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thai Food Corner Mesa, AZ

Thai Food Corner
5253 E Brown Rd # 104
Mesa, AZ

These guys are sure proud of their country! I liked that. They had brochures of Thailand right when you walk in the door. The rest of the decor was very plain, a few scattered pieces of art adorned the walls and shelves, none of which was very impressive. It took the server a while to get to our table and without any small talk took our appetizer and drink orders and briskly walked away. The Thai Iced Tea was pretty good, nothing special. The Chicken Satay was killer, the Chicken slices were thin enough to penetrate the curry taste into the whole thing. The sauces were awesome, I drenched them in both sauces. My wife had three grisly bits from her chicken, but I didn't get any. The Curries surprised my wife and I, they were terrible. The red and yellow had a gamey taste that reminded my wife of the farm, she even used the word manure. She couldn't even finish her first plate. She put soy sauce on the white rice just to get some food in her belly. My experience was not as bad, but equally unimpressive. The sauces looked like they were coagulating right in front of our eyes, a sight I have never seen before. We just took the dishes to go as a courtesy, we probably won't eat them later. Man what a disappointing way to end a meal. The server never warmed up to us, she was cold the entire time.

Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Chicken Satay $7.99
Yellow Curry $7.99

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 2
People: 2

Total: 8/30

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