Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thai Garden Restaurant Silvas, IL

Thai Garden Restaurant
1600 Crosstown Avenue
Silvis‎ IL

This is a one in a million Thai experience, not that it was the most amazing one I have ever had, but definitely unique.  When I first arrived at 6:00 PM the parking lot was empty except for one car, which was obviously the owners.  The door was locked so as I was about to leave when I gave them a last ditch effort call and expected no one to answer, but sure enough a white guys voice picks up.  He told me that his wife was supposed to be back any minute from school and that he would open up for me to have a drink and wait.  I sat at the bar with my Thai Iced Tea and waited. I struck up little conversations with the guy and his kids, who looked totally Thai by the way, and we got along great.  One of his boys started on the Chicken Satay while us two old white guys acted like we knew a little about Thailand.  Keep in mind that I am the only person in the whole place and he basically opened the restaurant for me.  The Thai Ice Tea was REALLY good, and you know it's good when I capitalize the letters.  From my viewpoint at the bar I could see the kitchen very well, so I watched the cooking process, there are a lot of steps!  Maybe one of these times I will get in good enough with a place that will let me take video of the kitchen.  Like any good family owned and operated Thai restaurant the kids were over at a table in the corner making silver wear setups and doing their homework... I like that.  The chicken Satay was thinly sliced, nicely marinated with good sauces.  The guys wife arrived just in time to cook the Yellow Curry and it ended up tasting very good.  It wasn't the same creamy texture that I was used to but it just worked.  The taste was mild and everything was great.  Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this place.

Thai Iced Tea $2.00
Chicken Satay $6.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $9.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 8
People: 9

Total: 25/30

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