Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thai Restaurants :: Hot vs. Super Hot & Mild vs. Super Mild

Nothing is worse than ordering your Thai dish mild, or medium for that matter and it comes out "Thai Hot", "5 Star", or "Really Spicy". I am not a chili head by any means and when a meal is overrun with heat, it kills me. I understand this is not true for everyone, but for me, and I would imagine the average Thai food eater, it ruins the meal. So if you are reading this, you own a Thai restaurant, and are guilty of this, please do us all a favor and tone it down a little. I appreciate when a Thai Restaurant does it right and brings out what you ordered. On the flip side I also hate when places bring out under-spiced food, if it tastes like tomato paste at a Thai place I guarantee I won't be digging it. We may need to introduce the scoville scale to the Thai restaurant scene.

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