Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying New Thai Food

I know I should be venturing out and trying new dishes. Typically when I go to any restaurant I know what I like and go specifically to get that dish, I think it is partially because I know I won't be disappointed. For the purpose of this blog and my readers I know I need to venture out and try new things... I will do it... it is just taking some time. When I am out of town on work very few things make me as happy as going to a good Thai restaurant and getting a really good Chicken Yellow Curry. When I am at my favorite hometown Thai place, "The Thai House" I try the different colors of curries, red and green and I am rarely let down. Learning all about the different types of Thai food is what will make this blog interesting, so I am going to really try to review them all. I will also be giving more information about the history of Thai food. So stay tuned and please comment so we can become a community... I would love to get to know other people that love Thai food as much as I do!

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