Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ping Pong Thai Restaurant Las Vegas, NV

Ping Pong Thai Restaurant
2955 East Sunset Road #109
Las Vegas, NV

This was a different and cool Thai Restaurant experience, I was with my wife's family. Pulling into the parking lot I thought we might haven been going to a strip club, but true to Las Vegas fashion it was just a marquee with a scrolling picture of two of the Thai girls that worked there. The music started out with a really cool Thai mix, but all of a sudden changed to a terrible Justin Bieber cover. I have a feeling the music was just one of the marquee girls iPod on shuffle. We weren't a huge group or anything and they still didn't bring all our food out at once. I am OK with food coming out 30 seconds to a minute apart, but 4-5 minutes apart! Thats just bad back kitchen management. After looking at the girls/waitresses a couple times I am convinced that they are the same girls that are on the billboard out front. They wore shirts that said I love ping pong half in Thai and half in English, it was a nice touch. The food presentation was nice, but as for taste it was mediocre at best. I ordered a two out of four star and it was spicy... a little too spicy. By the end of the meal I concluded that our waitress was not very good, she didn't refill my water once or ask if I wanted another Thai Iced Tea, she wasn't very friendly, she was talking to her friends instead of doing her job, and at the end it took her 15 minutes to complete the bill.

Chicken Satay $7.95
Chicken Curry $9.95
Thai Iced Tea $2.75

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 7
People: 4

Total: 15 out of 30

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