Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lemongrass Sushi & Thai Restaurant Nashville, TN

Lemongrass Sushi & Thai Restaurant
7108 Highway 70 S # 1
Nashville, TN

First things first when you arrive at Lemongrass, a warm welcome. The staff was very friendly, both the hostess and waiter, very amicable. The Thai Ices Tea was just right to ease the spice, maybe I will put extra chili powder on my plate to make sure I get to utilize my this tall glass of creamy goodness. The decor wasn't very authentic Thai, but it seemed nice and comfortable. One of their center pieces on the wall was a poster of Elvis doing his signature jailhouse rock dance move. This is the second Thai restaurant in two days that had two things, the rice in a shape, and an old school warm watermelon goo filled hard candy as the after meal "mint". They don't offer my Yellow Curry, so I went for the Massaman, wow, it was amazing! I wasnt expecting much, but it was really good, unique too! The uniqueness came from the pineapple that actually went good with it. The dish didn't even have any nuts it it, different, but good different. As odd as this sounds the onions were too oniony, normally the onions simmer long enough to get out the really oniony taste, it seemed like they just cut them up and at the end of cooking the dish they threw them in. The two Thai employees sat and talked to a regular for a long time, even though he was overpowering the conversation, it shows they are tolerant.

Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Massaman Curry $11.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 6
People: 9

Total: 23

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