Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thai Taste Restaurant Nashville, TN

Thai Taste Restaurant
395 Haywood Lane
Nashville‎, TN‎

To preface this review, I was at the time high on my drug of choice... Caffeine, so it may or may not be artificially inflated. Their sushi bar almost tipped me towards going into a fusion maniacal rant, but the caffeine calmed me down. They had a private property, no trespassing sign hanging in the window which was a little counter intuitive slash unnerving, what type of neighborhood do you have to be in to hang a no trespassing sign on your restaurant door, uh OK. The decor didn't jump out at me at all, the lady who seated me was direct and to the point, she was not in the mood to chit chat... OK, I'll just relax with my caffeine to keep me company. She brought out a HUGE Thai Iced Tea, have you ever seen those 44 oz'rs from 7 eleven? Well that was what this looked like. The meal came with a little sweet soy sauce salad, it reminded of the type I get at my favorite Sushi place. The Thai Tea was really really sweet, on the cusp of being too sweet with a hint of what tasted like cinnamon. The Chicken Satay was delicious, it tasted like it just came of the BBQ, the sauces matched up perfectly. The Chicken Yellow Curry came out spicier than medium, recently I have been ordering medium, I should always order mild and add chili powder as I need, that is more of a note to self. The Yellow Curry had something I rarely see, green beans, for me it didn't work too well, so I put them to the side. It smelled and tasted delicious, thank heavens I had that huge Thai Iced Tea to cool my tongue. It was fun eating the curry on top of the star shaped rice they brought out! The shaped steamed white rice must be a Nashville thing... something the southerners would totally think of... Love me some southern hospitality... and that accent! Uh oh, they don't take AMEX!! Good thing I am still buzzin on caffeine, they are lucky I had another 20 minutes left of caffeine buzz in me... I would have gone nuts! Uh oh again! They took my tip receipt while I was still there. See my tip peek rampage.

Thai Iced Tea (I didn't get it, shame on me)
Chicken Satay $5.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $10.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 4
People: 4

Total: 16 out of 30

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