Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Banana Leaf Modern Thai Mason, OH

Banana Leaf Modern Thai
101 East Main Street
Mason, OH

I took a look at their website before I veered off the freeway and it looked very tropical and lush, so I got excited. As I walked up the nice stonework path I realized I am in Ohio in January. This is an old corner building converted into a high class modern Thai restaurant. The server was very nice, she made small talk and asked me if I had been to a Thai restaurant before, I said "a few times". The mood was right at this place, they had some old classy music that sounded like what they would have played on the Titanic. They did not have Yellow so I ordered Massuman. The Thai Iced Tea tasted off, it tasted too sharp, maybe like old half an half was used? The Curry sure made up for the bad Tea, it was very smooth and clean tasting, all fresh ingredients here. Perfect amount of spice, so far your doing me good Ohio! I asked for a 2 out of 5 spice and that's what they brought out. I didn't let any of this dish go to waste, except a couple peanuts. I have to reiterate the waitress was so good she noticed I wasn't drinking a lot of the Thai Iced Tea and asked if there was something wrong, I told her something tasted off and she took it away, apologized, and asked if I wanted anything else, now THAT'S service! Great place to eat, highly recommend you get your wife a new black dress and bring her to Banana Leaf Modern Thai.

Massuman Curry $ 14

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 9
People: 10

Total: 27 out of 30 wow!

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