Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doral Thai Restaurant Doral, FL

Doral Thai Restaurant
2613 Northwest 79th Avenue
Doral, FL

Odd preface: So I can't guarantee the above name is the correct name for this review. If anyone can confirm this, I'll buy you a Thai dinner next time I'm in Miami.

Every time I suggest Thai food to co-workers that don't have the same maniacal love for Thai food that I have, I get a little nervous about the food not living up to the hype. Doral Thai somewhat lived up. The interior design had a comfortable feel. They had cool shiny menus, but they were not very practical. The waitress was rude about not having Yellow Curry she threw out a quick "no that's all we have". Hey bitchy service industry worker think twice about what industry you are in. They didn't bring out all the plates out at once, I was almost finished by the time my co-worker got his plate. After a few bites the Massaman turned great, it coated my mouth with peanuty goodness. You pay for the food, I prefer smaller portions for less money, I can't take the leftovers back to the hotel. The avocados really kicked this plate up a notch, perfect ripeness, thumbs up cook man, thumbs down server woman. I ran into a slight snag, I got something hard in the curry, maybe a bone, see below picture.

Massaman Curry$14.99
Thai Iced Tea $3.50
Chicken Satay $7.99

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 7
People: 3

Total: 17 out of 30

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