Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Mezzanine Tulum, Mexico

The Mezzanine! Restaurant/Hotel/Bar
Tulum, Mexico

I need to start out by giving a little background about this place. We fell in love with the Mezzanine the first time we ever went to the Riviera Maya. Our friends introduced us to it and the rest is history. We started going to the Cancun area 2-3 times a year to shoot wedding photography, every time we extend out our vacation so we can have a sunset dinner at the Mezzanine. The first time we ate here was 5 years ago when we shot our first wedding. We even took one of our brides to the public beach that is right below for a photo shoot called "Trash The Dress" they loved the location. The Mezzanine is on one of those back roads of Tulum, MX that you would never go down unless you knew where you were going. I imagine most people that enjoy Thai food and beautiful surroundings would make it a point to return to the Mezzanine every time they are in the area... we sure do! The Mezzanine is a swanky Hotel/Restaurant, it looks like a gay guy designed the place, its beautiful. Imagine a perfect little hotel on the most teal/blue water beach in the world, you just imagined the Mezzanine. With that said; I don't 100% like their food. I have eaten at 100 different Thai Food all over the continental U.S. with better food. The Pad Thai has way too much of a Fish Sauce flavor, and the consistency is not the greatest. The Yellow Curry doesn't have that amazing rich flavor I am used to. They broke one of the cardinal rules of Curry in my opinion, not enough sauce for the amount of rice brought out. The waiters make you feel like your at a 5 star restaurant, even though the prices are pretty reasonable. I say reasonable, but for the Riviera Maya area, it is expensive. I just noticed I didn't write down the prices, but I believe the Curries were around 160 pesos. We also got a couple drinks and our bill came to 60 dollars. The Chicken Satay was terrible, it was very dry and didn't have enough sauce. I asked for a Thai Iced Tea and the waiter had no idea what I was talking about, I couldn't believe it, but I didn't let it ruin the mood. On a brighter note, I read their write up about the "consultant" chef, I was very impressed by their dedication to local produce and organic sustainable practices, if this is true, I dig it. I imagine the cooks have fallen away from what Dim had originally taught them, because I can't imagine this food is up to Dim's standards. Here is a cool write up about the chef: "Welcome to Mezzanine. We thought you would like to know a few things about our restaurant and menu. Our Thai chef consultant is Dim Geefay She is well known as a teacher and television cooking personality. Dim has helped us to create our authentic Thai menu from recipes and techniques she learned from her mother as a young girl growing up in Thailand. Also Dim had introduced a fusion of Mexican flavors into her Thai cooking to make your dining experience with us even more exciting! At Mezzanine we use only fresh herbs (Thai basil, chilies, lemon grass, coriander, mint, etc) grown in our own herb garden in Tulum from original seeds brought from Thailand by Dim. Everything is prepared fresh, when ordered. We use no MSG Our coffee is fresh ground and comes from Chiapas in Mexico. It is a truly delicious blend! Finally, Mezzanine, like our sister restaurants La Zebra are proud members of the Slow Food Society, dedicated to using organic produce and local suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices. Enjoy!" They have a nice website, with some awesome pictures, check them out. http://www.mezzaninetulum.com

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 10
People: 8

Total: 22 out of 30

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