Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thai Basil Tempe, AZ

Thai Basil
403 W University Dr # 101
Tempe AZ 85781

As cheesy as it sounds I took my wife on a date night to Thai Basil, and to be fair on this review I had been there before, but it had been a while. They have a pretty classic Thai atmosphere with mahogany tables and intricate wood carvings.
They did not bring out straws for the water. The person that greeted is was nice but the server was not very approachable, second time in a row I remember the employees not being up to par. They give a lot of sauce with Satay, I love that. Delicious Satay, I can't complain one bit about the start to the meal. When the Curry came out I was excited the smell and look blew me away, then I took my first bite and the flavor didn't live up to my expectations, I am not saying it wasn't good, but it wasn't great. After further analysis I came to the conclusion that part of the problem was the chicken, it was flavorless. The pork in the Pad Thai was a little too chewy and had a little too strong of a fish oil taste for me. Overall not impressed with the main courses, but I was with the Satay, maybe I'll give this place another try when I want to venture out from my Yellow Curry madness, or maybe I'll just stick to the plenty of other great Thai places in Arizona.

Thai Iced Tea $1.95
Sa Tay Chicken $6.95
Pad Thai $8.95
Yellow Curry $8.95

Food: 6
Atmosphere: 7
People: 6

Total: 19 out of 30

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