Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Out of the hundreds of Thai places I have been across the country only a few have been able to mess up the Thai Iced Tea.  Its not hard to make really, just add the right amount of condensed milk to an black iced tea and bam, you have yourself a Thai Iced Tea.  Some places add orange blossom water, tamarind seed (crushed), and/or star anise.  The places I can remember that actually ruined the Tea seemed to have one thing in common, they all started with a bad iced tea.  I have read that Thai Iced Tea in Thailand is served with crushed ice inside of a clear plastic bag with a straw... Ill let you know for sure when I actually visit Thailand.  One thing I really like about the Thai Iced Tea is its ability to soothe the tongue if you eat something too spicy.  If you have never tried a Thai Iced Tea it tastes a little like melted caramels with milk, it is delicious, it is so good, it should be considered a desert.  Let this be your day of awakening, enjoy!

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