Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thai Jasmine Lima, OH

Thai Jasmin
215 South Pine Street
Lima, OH

Thai Jasmine is in a location you wouldn't picture a Thai restaurant, glad I found it though, good ole trusty iPhone. I am pleasantly surprised that there are three Thai restaurants that show up on my maps app, I have been to bigger towns that had no Thai places, thumbs up Lima. The inside had a relaxing color scheme and a cool Tiki bar looking counter. I think this may have been the first time I didn't order a Tea with my meal, I was feeling a little sick, so keep that in mind with this review. It seemed like a lot of people were there for the middle of the day. They just had a lunch special, didn't really have a lunch menu. The server was busy with everyone, it looked like she had her hands full being the only server, she was doing a great job though, smiling the whole time. I ordered the Yellow Curry and it was very tasty, perfect spicy level. A couple things that were different, tomato slices and yams. When I first took a bite, I thought she may have brought me out Massaman, but after finishing I concluded it was the Yellow. It had one of the thickest sauces I have seen. The yam was a little too intrusive for me, it broke up and got in the sauce, I didn't really dig that too much. Overall, this restaurant is a decent little Thai place.

No lunch menu
Chicken Yellow Curry $10.95

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 8
People: 6

Total: 22 out of 30

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