Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yuphas Thai Kitchen Tempe, AZ

Yuphas Thai Kitchen
1805 East Elliot Road
Tempe, AZ

Awesome colors, paintings, and lighting, they must have hired a professional interior designer. I can't say enough about the interior, good job Yuphas. To top off the atmosphere they were playing good music. This is the type of place you can only fully enjoy with family and friends. The waitress was great, she brought out a little bowl of rice for the baby without even asking. I have to give it to the staff, even though our baby was being a beast, they were sweet. I tried the Thai Coffee for the first time, it was bitter, but the Thai Iced Tea had the same bitterness, weird. Funny, my wife and I ordered the same amount of spice (mild/medium) and they were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I'd rate hers 8/10 spice and mine was 3/10, huge difference. That difference brings up a good point, each type of Thai Curry has a natural spicy ness to it, so keep that in mind when ordering. The Krew Krob were these deep fried triangle pastry looking things with a little bit of meat inside with a tasty sweet sauce, a great way to start the meal. The Yuphas Yellow Curry was up to par with the other milky Currries that my good ole Arizona Thai Restaurants have provided me for years. I was not let down.

Thai Iced Tea $2.50
Krew Krob $5.25
Yellow Curry $10.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 9
People: 9

Total: 26 out of 30

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