Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rearn Thai Restaurant Greensboro, NC

Rearn Thai Restaurant
5120 West Market Street
Greensboro, NC

Rearn Thai is located in a big nice stand alone building. I couldn't tell from the outside if I was going to walk into a ritzy upper crust place or a good ole successful family owned and operated joint. I walked into a huge dining room with no one there except me, it was a 4 pm on a Tuesday though. The menu didn't fit with the rest of the look of the restaurant, it looked a like what it would look like if Oprah advertised her show in the local paper. The dining area had a nice mix of the hits of today, not very to the roots Thai, but whatever. I noticed they had a pretty decent wine list, I've never paired wine up with any Thai dishes, I am probably missing out. It was not the best Ka Rhee Curry I have had, but it was still fulfilling. They put a cool looking blue flame sterno burner below it and it kept the dish scolding hot, a little too hot. The bottom of the pot got so hot is burned some of the best part, the curry juices, and kept me jonesing for one more taste. The server girl waited for 5 min after I was completely done to see if I needed anything else. I finally had to just go up to the register to pay. As I was walking out the old man sitting behind the counter and the rest of the staff started talking to me, I guess they didn't want to interrupt me eating? After a nice little conversation I left. If I was a local I would try a couple other places in the area before coming here a second time.

Thai Iced Tea $?.??
Chicken Ka Rhee Curry (Yellow) $9.95

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 8
People: 7

Total 22 out of 30

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