Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bamboo Leaf Bradley Beach, NJ

Bamboo Leaf
724 Main Street
Bradley Beach, NJ

Walking in the front door they have all their newspaper accolades taped up. Ooh La La, they had linens. The prices didn't really fit the location, the inside was nice, but not that nice. The beef curry was 20 bucks. They were playing authentic Thai music. There was only one lady doing all the floor work, she was nice, but after I saw the prices I expected a lot. Unfortunately we ordered the dumplings and didn't see they had shrimp in them, Casi can't have shrimp, so it turned out to be a problem. I expected the floor lady to come ask questions and take care o it, but she did the opposite, she ignored it. I didn't really like the taste or consistency of the dumplings, so that added to my fury. The Yellow Curry had that ketchupy sweet taste I have had before in the north. The onions and carrots were undercooked. The sauce was thin and soupy. It was a decent curry, but overall I was disappointed in this place, especially considering the price. She saw that we didn't eat the dumplings and didn't even say anything, good chance to show a little professionalism.

8.95 Steamed Dumplings
15.95 Chicken Yellow Curry WOW!

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 7
People: 5

Total: 16 out of 30

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