Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thai E-San Phoenix, AZ

Thai E-San
616 West Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ

From the outside you wouldn't be able to tell how nice the inside is. Each table has hand carved wood and nice chairs, the colors and interior design is comfortable and inviting. The spices are already at the table, didn't even have to ask, I really like that.
The people were VERY friendly.
The rest of the family was sitting at the table and each of them gave us a genuine "hello" as we walked in. The Chicken Satay was delicious, Casi and I agreed it was worth the extra couple bucks (9.50 compare to the usual 6 to 7 bucks). I could have used a little bit more peanut sauce it was so good. Throughout the meal the server would talk to us, it was refreshing. I loved the elegant music they had playing. The Yellow Curry looked and smelled amazing, but didn't totally live up to the stiff Arizona competition. I tried my wife's duck dish and the meat was a little too gamey for me. The people kept surprising me about how nice they were. If I lived in one of the houses behind this place I would jump over my fence and frequent it just for the sheer kindness.

Chicken Satay $9.50
Royal Yellow Chicken Gang-Ga-Gee $9.95
Crispy Duck with Chu Chee Curry $12.95

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 7
People: 10

Total: 24 out of 30

The Menu insert says (love me some fun facts about Thailand):
"E-San means the Northeast of Thailand. The cuisine prepared at Thai E-San Restaurant originates from a village in the north eastern part of Thailand called Nakorn Phanom. Located on the banks of the Mekong river. This village is an interesting blend of Thai, Laos, and Vietnamese, steeped in many traditions dating back to 1794 A.D.
What is our food?
The food prepared at Thai E-San Restaurant is hand prepared from very fresh vegetables, herbs, and exotic spices. Each dish is made when you order, and to the level of heat (spice) you would like.
We welcome you to a tradition of food from our kitchen and staff that is sure to take you to Nakorn Phanom Thailand. This is Thailand's food at its finest.
Thailand is the worlds 50th largest country in terms of total area (slightly smaller than Yemen and slightly larger than Spain), with a surface area of approximately 513,000 km2 (198,000 sq miles) and the 21st most populous country with 64 million people. About 75% of the population is ethically Thai, about 14% is of Chinese origin, and 3% is ethically Malay, the rest belong to minority groups including Mons, Kmers, and various hill tribes. There are approximately 2.2 million legal and illegal migrants. The country's official language is Thai."

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