Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thai Spice Restaurant Houston, TX

Thai Spice Restaurant
5117 Kelvin Dr
Houston, TX
This was a unique situation, I was at a pharmacy and one of the pharmacist's mentioned Thai food, my eyes lit up. She recommended this place that was close. That same pharmacist talked up this Green curry, so it got me excited. I didn't pick up the food so I didn't get to see the location or meet the people. My co-worker ordered the phone and got impatient that they couldn't understand him 100%, the first thing I thought was "good, this should be authentic". It was interesting eating Thai Food in a sterotypical "break room" the kind you see in The Office with Steve Carrell. I noticed the Pad Thai noodles were almost as thin as spaghetti noodles, which I had never seen before. I also noticed my Yellow Curry separated when it sat there for a little bit. It could be that I just never see the separation because normally I don't see my Yellow Curry in a clear plastic to-go container. The actual taste of the Yellow Curry was decent, it didn't knock me back with flavor, but it sufficed because I haven't had Thai for a really long time (a week).
After the taste test was done, I tried the Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Yellow Curry I came to the conclusion they all need to be eaten together! All Thai food is like that, I see why in Thailand they all share dishes around a talble, why stick to one flavor when you can have them all.

Food: 7
Atmosphere: ???
People: ???

Total: 7 out of 10

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