Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mekong Thai Cuisine Cincinnati, OH

Mekong Thai Cuisine
7687 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, OH

Tasted like the tea used in the Thai Iced Tea was old, it almost tasted spoiled. It was interesting when they brought out the Chicken Satay, I realized real quick why it was so cheap, it only came out with 2. They didn't have any chili paste, when I asked for it they brought out Sriracha. Sriracha sauce is from Vietnam, it felt a little like putting salsa on my pizza, but I went for it. The Satay was wayyyyy overcooked, it was like eating bull leather. The Yellow Curry was sweet and Ok, but not amazing. If I had to put it up against the other Cincinnati Thai, I would say it was above the average.

Tea $2.50
Satay Chicken $5.00
Chicken Yellow Curry $7.50

Food: 5
Atmosphere: 5
People: 4

Total: 14 out of 30

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