Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tan Thai Cuisine Cincinnati, OH

Tan Thai Cuisine
11482 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH

Tan Thai Cuisine had interesting decor, lots of scattered colors, confusing but it worked. The people all smiled and greeted me. It was Friday night at 8:30 PM and the restaurant only had one other couple. The Satay was overcooked so it made the meat pretty hard. They did a thing where they mixed the two sauces that normally come with it and I don't think it worked very well. The Yellow Curry had a mediocre flavor, I did eat it all, so it was pretty good, but far from amazing. This is one of those restaurants I hate giving a bad food review on because the people were really nice. They don't take Amex, ahhhhh!!! I take that back, I'm OK with the bad review!

Chicken Satay $5.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $9.95

Food: 5
Atmosphere: 6
People: 9

Total: 20 out of 30

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