Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thai Basil Lake Oswego, OR

Thai Basil
6328 Meadows Road
Lake Oswego, OR

Really classy open floor plan, the lighting really popped for some reason. The waitress was very smiley and bright. The music was classic Thai sounding and added to the great atmosphere. I thought I would change up the appetizer and went with the Pot Stickers, they were flavorful. Sadly the Massuman Curry was lacking flavor especially when put on the rice. Even eating the sauce right out of the bowl was bland, not a good sign. One thing they did right with the Curry was lots of chicken. They must have been busy because it took the server a long time to get my food and/or anything to me.

Pot Stickers $5.95
Beefy Curry (gang massamun) $10.50

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 8
People: 7

Total: 19 out of 30

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