Monday, August 27, 2012

Spice and Dice Thai Restaurant Towson, MD

Spice and Dice Thai Restaurant
1220 East Joppa Road
Towson, MD

My server didn't understand English very well, but it was refreshing after being around whitie the last couple Thai places I have been to. The decor is definitely the first thing you notice when entering, it was VERY cool, it was a mix of the old Alice In Wonderland books and a hipster joint in Portland. The smell of this place was unreal, there were a lot of people and so maybe that's why the aroma was so strong. The cheesy rolls were something new I tried and the sauce really made them good. I have mixed reviews on the Yellow Curry. On one hand it kept me going back for more, on the other hand it tasted like Red Curry. On one hand it had a lot of sauce, but on the other it was too soupy. It also had way too many vegetables and it had pineapple in it, I rarely see that. The taste of the Curry made it not worth $12.95, but this is the type of place I would totally give another chance to and try another dish. The presentation on all plates were top notch.

Cheesy Rolls $4.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $12.95

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 9

Total: 23 out of 30

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