Friday, September 7, 2012

Bangkok 56 Harrisburg, PA

Bangkok 56
1917 Paxton Street
Harrisburg, PA

The restaurant is not fancy at all. The lady didn't greet us for 5 minutes and we were the only ones in the place. She was not a very friendly person, must have just been having a bad day, yep it's the new thing I do, I give people the benefit of the doubt. There was an exposed outlet at our table, I guess that's good if you needed to charge your phone, but other than that it pretty much sucks. The appetizer was really good, it was different, it came with 4 slices of bread that I didn't really know what I do with. The Panang was delicious, I was starting to wonder why Yelp gave it 4 stars with 30 reviews, but after eating the Curry I tasted why. The only problem I had with it was there was not enough sauce to rice ratio. Another interesting note is this was the first time I had seen Catholic imagery versus Bhuddist or Hindu.

Chicken Satay $6.99
Chicken Panang $10.99

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 6
People: 6

Total: 20 out 30

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