Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jeera Thai New Haven, CT

Jeera Thai
216 Crown St
New Haven, CT

I didn't know what to expect, going to a Thai food restaurant in a hip part of a downtown area was a new experience for me. My first impression of the place was that it was TINY! Ever heard of the tiny house movement? Well this place was the epitome of the Tiny Thai Restaurant movement. The interior was decorated very ornately, I really liked the back wall, it was made out of thousands of these colorful buttons. A customer tried speaking Chinese to the one and only waitress and she said no sorry I am Thai, so far so good! The lady seemed rushed and stressed, but was very kind even in the midst of the the turmoil. The menu had a whole different list of entrees that I had never seen before. She sent her chef out right before an insane rush, especially for how small it was, it took the two chefs about 10 minutes to get back and start cooking. It was refreshing to see two Thai women in the kitchen! The chaos was fascinating so many conversations and attitudes going on in such a small place. The mushroom spring rolls were delicious as well as the Red Curry. The curry came out with brown rice instead of the traditional white, a nice healthy touch that didn't take away as much flavor as I thought. As I was eating my appetizer, I kept catching a glimpse of the cook, she looked at me, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up, well, I gave one right back!! This place is well worth a visit.

Triple Mushroom Spring Rolls $4.95
Red Curry $8.95

Food: 9
People: 8

Total: 25 out of 30

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