Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thai Place Kansas City, MO

Thai Place
4130 Pennsylvania Ave
Kansas City, Missouri

Oops, I felt a little underdressed wearing jeans and a t-shirt for dinner, although it was a Monday night. It was 7:30 and the place was packed, obviously a good sign. The first thing I noticed was the menu's, which were the exact menu's that one of my home town favorite Thai Restaurants use back in Arizona. I bet these guys never thought in a million years that someone would see these same menus so many states apart! My server, who was also the bartender was an angel, she treated me right and was nice to chat with. The Thai Egg Rolls were off the charts so I was really excited for the Curry. Occasionally this happens, not often, but it does, everything was amazing at this place, then the Curry comes out BLAND! I hate to give this place a bad rap, but I can't say the Yellow Curry was good. I would still say this is the best place in Kansas City, but damn, dive bomb on the main course?

Chicken Yellow Curry $14.95
Thai Egg Rolls $5.95

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 8
People: 9

Total: 21 out of 30

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