Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thai Taste New Haven, CT

Thai Taste
1151 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT

I arrived in this centralized Thai food mecca around 4:45 PM, nothing seemed to be open. I arrived at this place confident of this 3 1/2 star 98 reviews Thai restaurant recommended by my and your good friend Yelp. A Mexican guy was sitting outside on his flip phone and rudely told me they weren't open. I walked around for a bit and since I had driven this far and deposited 6 quarters into my meter, I was in it for the log haul. As the minutes past the looming "Thai Pan Asian" across the street was looking better and better, but the three stars with so few reviews helped me stay firmly planted in my little corner. As I waited I couldn't help but ponder how there couldn't be many places better to be stuck in this scenario, the weather was great and my new found intrigue with New Haven was weighing on my mind. I was the first person in the restaurant for dinner that day, the lady that seated me and took my order was very nice, good start. I loved the half underground look and feel of the type of place you can only find in cool downtowns with character, this was one of those places. The Panang had a delicious sauce, but the chicken was just a little off. There was also too many vegetables for my taste. They don't take Amex, bleh! I did a little experiment, and the nice woman that seated me COMPLETELY passed with flying colors. I left my leftovers at the table, she chased me down to make sure I didn't leave without it, now that's dedication. I would recommend this place for that alone! Next time Ill try something different.

Siam Roll $5.50
Panang Curry $9.95

Food: 6
Atmosphere: 8
People: 8

Total: 22 out of 30

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