Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aroma Royal Thai Cuisine Franklin Park, NJ

Aroma Royal Thai Cuisine
3175 NJ-27
Franklin Park, New Jersey

The server was a little offish, it took him a while to come and take our order. When taking our order he never looked at us, just stared at the front door like he was thinking of bailing. He didn't understand when I asked for a Thai Iced Tea, he thought I said beefsteak. The decor was nice, it felt comfortable. This could just be a New Jersey thing, but the water tasted disgusting. There was a customer sitting across from us and I overheard him say that something in his dish wasn't cooked. The Paneng Curry had a watered down taste to it, and didn't have any vegetables, just chicken. I only gave a 10% tip and I rarely do that. They don't take Amex. Don't go to this place.

The Menu said:
"We take great pleasure in bringing you the spirit and flavor of what is arguably the richest and most vibrant cuisine of Thailand
Our menu is distinctive contemporary Thai cuisine and has been created for the hot blooded gourmet with some thoughtful concessions to the more conservative.
To enjoy at Aroma Royal Thai Cuisine consider it a journey to be taken together. Make courses wherever you like.
There are no rules the portions are dramatically presented and meant to be shared. Remember the best journeys are filled with surprises."

Chicken Mussuman Curry $12.95
Chicken Panaeng Curry $12.95

Food: 4
Atmosphere: 8
People: 3

Total: 15 out of 30

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