Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bangkok Restaurant Madrid, Spain

Bangkok Restaurante
Calle de Bordadores, 15, Madrid España

What a cool experience, on our trip to Madrid Spain and we just happened to run into a Thai restaurant when we were walking down a main pedestrian street towards Plaza Sol. We had such an epic trip up to that point, we just thought to ourselves "of course there would be a Thai restaurant in downtown Madrid!" The guy that greeted us and took our order was nice. The 5 Euro Thai iced tea tasted really water down, an immediate disappointment that I didn't let phase me. It could just be that they use a different sweetener than we use in the US. The Thai spring roll was good, very similar to the states. The view from our table was really nice, we could people watch the whole meal. Casi mentioned the Chicken Yellow Curry "Pollo Al Curry Amarillo" had a strong ginger taste, after she said that, I started tasting the ginger. I was very surprised after we ate the meal that our curries in the states tasted similar. I would normally get picky with the amount of sauce and the fact that they charged extra for a bottle of water and steamed rice, but hey we were in Spain, no complaints here! It was really nice having a meal that reminded us of home.

Te Thai - 5 Euro
Rollo de Primavera Tai - 3,5 Euro
Pollo al Curry Amarillo - 10,69 Euro
Arroz Al Vapor - 2,70 Euro

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 10
People: 8

Total: 25 out of 30

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