Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Gem of Thailand Fresno, CA

Gem Of Thailand
66 E Herndon Ave
Fresno, California

When you go to a Thai restaurant that has 4 and a 1/2 stars on yelp, you expect something special to happen. The staff was VERY slow taking our order, it ended up taking our server 10 minutes before she even took our drink order. The curry dishes did not come with steamed rice, you had to order it a la carte, a little odd, seemed like a ploy to make money. The Chicken Musamun Curry was very thick and had a good taste. I tried my friends Chicken Pad Lad Nar and it was good too, but both dishes lacked on chicken ration. I could see skimping on shrimp, or skimping if it was a really cheap meal, but I have been to cheaper Thai places that have put more chicken in their dishes. I tried my friends Pad Lad Nar but definitely preferred my Musamun Curry. The Chicken Satay was very good, they did a cool thing where they brought out a heat block where you lay your bite size chicken satay on to warm them up. The peanut sauce was delicious. Oh boy, their Mango Sticky Rice was delicious. Overall the food was good, the service was lousy.

This is what the Menu had written inside:
"The names of some countries spell immediately good food. That is particularly true o France, Italy, or China. On the other hand, there are countries that will never belong to the gourmets' Gotha.
Most tourists rave about Thai Food, expat riots never tire of it. Both love it's variety, it's freshness, it's subtle flavor and the artful presentation of he dishes. They enjoy also the relaxing atmosphere of a Thai dinner. As a result Thai Restaurants abroad are becoming everyday more sophisticated, and more numerous. Such a success is not surprising as Thai food is the crossroad between the best Asian cuisine, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and so on."

Chicken Musamun Curry $10.75
Chicken Pad Lad Nar $9.85
Chicken Satay $8.95
Mango Sticky Rice $3.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 7
People: 4

Total: 19 out of 30

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