Sunday, January 20, 2013

Thai Kitchen I Bridgewater, NJ

Thai Kitchen I
1351 Prince Rodgers Ave
Bridgewater, New Jersey

I have had a lot of my New Jersey friends tell me about this particular Thai restaurant, so I was excited going into it. As I walked in the restaurant felt good, it had a comfortable feel. It was a Wednesday night and the whole place was full, I was impressed. The waitress knew my boss by what he normally ordered, I think they called him Salmon man. The off menu specials sounded amazing, but I still had to order the Yellow Curry. My friends ordered the specials and let me try some and the dishes were delicious. My yellow curry was very good, it had a few more vegetables than I normally like, but overall was very good. The star of the show was the mango sticky rice, it was perfect. The rice was warm and the mango was perfectly ripe. Wowzers.
I didn't catch the price on each item, but for 4 of us it was $120, it seemed a bit expensive.

Food: 9
People: 9
Atmosphere: 8

Total: 26 out of 30

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