Monday, May 13, 2013

Vieng Thai Houston, TX

Vieng Thai
6929 Long Point Rd
Houston, TX

When I am in a big city I have been trying to narrow down my options, I will call around to the different places and ask if they take AMEX. Unfortunately, none in the northwestern area did, so I settled for the one with the highest Yelp star count and 100+ reviews, Vieng Thai fit the bill.  I arrived a little before they opened on the weekend so I had to move a traffic cone from one of their parking spaces, I don't know what's so popular in that strip mall, but it sure gets busy. When I walked in the door, there were a couple nice folks from Thailand that informed me that they don't open until 12 on weekends, but I could sit down and wait, so I did. I guess this is Texas, but I wasn't expecting country music to be playing. The decor was all over the place, they have a sweet disco ball in the middle of the place. Some of the staff didn't seem very friendly. By 12:05 this place was almost packed, wow. The Spring Rolls were pretty good. The Mussaman got better and better with every bit I ate. After overhearing the tables around me, I should have tried the Panang Curry. I imagine all their food is good, too bad I don't have time to try all their dishes. As I was leaving the server that was really nice from the beginning gave me a sincere" thanks" and "we hope to see you soon".

Oh, I found out later the parking problem was caused by a quinceaƱera venue.

Spring Rolls $3.99
Chicken Mussaman Curry $8.99

Food: 8
People: 8
Atmosphere: 6

Total: 22 out of 30

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