Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aroy Thai Cuisine Houston, TX

Aroy Thai Cuisine
7239 Fairbanks N Houston Rd
Houston, TX

This place is a small hole in the wall, and not in a bad way, when I got in the guy was blasting a YouTube video of sweet Thai music, I dug it. The guy behind the music shenanigans was right to the point kind of guy. They really touted the whole BYOB thing. It seems like that is a big thing here, I noticed in some of the other Thai Restaurant Reviews that people are into that. After the meal I realized he was one guy that did everything, server/cook/cleanup crew. After reading the Yelp reviews I started getting excited. The decor was eclectic, but one nice touch was the PatrĂ³n tequila bottle full of soy sauce on my table. He gave me three egg rolls even though I ordered two, he said he would only charge for two, he was turning out to be a nice guy. So He tole me his name, it was Sammy, so he sat down and talked with me about stem cell research and politics for about an hour. I hate to say, but the flavor on the Chicken Yellow Curry was off, it didn't make me feel warm inside like curries normally do, good thing I had the conversation to make up for it.

Egg Rolls $2.95
Kang Kari $8.95

Food: 5
People: 10
Atmosphere: 7

Total: 23 out of 30

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