Monday, August 12, 2013

Thai Sapa Springdale, UT

Thai Sapa
145 Zion Park Blvd
Springdale, UT

Location, Location, Location! Thai Sapa is located on a piece of very prime real estate. After a day of hiking Zion's National Park I could think of nothing better than a Thai dinner and maybe a hot tub. Thai Sapa took care of the first part, I took care of the last part at the hotel. My wife ordered the Springdale Rolls, not my cup of tea, but they were freshly made and light and crispy. The Yellow Curry was delicious, it contained a few different vegetables, like sweet potatoes and broccoli. It came out pretty spicy, perfect for me, but if you can't handle a little heat, ask for it to come out very mild. The people were nice but didn't go out I their way to impress us, something I have grown accustomed to with Thai Restaurants.

Springdale Rolls $7.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $14.95

Food: 8
Atmosphere: 8
People: 6

Total: 22 out of 30

From the menu:

"At Thai Sapa our goal is to prepare and serve homemade, healthy, and high quality Southeast Asian cuisine. Our ingredients include organic and locally grown produce and products as much as possible, including many items from our own garden and orchard. We also use the more expensive, non-hydronated, non-GMO sunflower or safflower oils in our deep fryer, sea salt (non-MSG), and stainless steel cookware. Individual natural ingredients include a wide variety of such as organic peanut butter base for our Pad Thai, 100% natural or organic yoghurt and organically grown chutneys for the Samosas, de-facto organically grown, grass fed beef, hormone and antibiotic free Chicken, non-GMO tofu, organic sugar... Etc. Our ecological philosophy includes an aggressive recycling program including the use of new recycled products such as paper towels, napkins, trash bags, recycled paper for our menus, etc.  The use of our used fry oil into our friend's Mercedes diesels, and a growing percentage of our electricity comes from wind generated production.  In the near future our plans include solar and hot water panels construction projects.  A word on authenticity:  We strive to be as authentic as possible, however since we are so far away from the tropics it is difficult to acquire many fresh ingredients.  It is for this reason that we actively utilize locally grown and bio-regional vegetables and fruits in our cooking (this helps to explain our use of broccoli in our curries and apricots in our chutneys for example).  Additionally our use of sea salt instead of MSG is wholly contrary to standard Asian restaurants both here and in Asia.  Basically the higher the caliber of Asian restaurant the less likely it will use artificial flavor enhancers.  In other words our food is much less salty than many Asian restaurants (salt and soy sauce are present at our tables however).  Ultimately, at TS our definition of authenticity means a simple, natural cuisine utilizing quality, local ingredients as much as possible presented in a caring, pleasant setting.

Our concept began while our cook Tung and her husband Dennis were living in Vietnam.  Tung is incredibly adept at improving on dishes that she tries, either from her husband's cooking, or friends or from other restaurants.  Her rendering of Thai Coco (Thom Khaa Gai) years ago made them realize her talent, and a restaurant was born!  Originally they had planned to open a restaurant and guest house (Frank Sapas') in Sapa, Vietnam, a hill tribe community at 5,000 feet in the mountains near the Chinese border.  That plan fell through enabling them to open TS in Springdale!  Our name honors the delicious tradition of Thailand and the rich culture and natural beauty of Sapa.  So please, relax and enjoy our taste of the East in this Crown Jewel of the American West, Zion NP.

Cam On, Khap Khun, Xie Xie, Namaste and Thank you."

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