Saturday, December 14, 2013

Thai Peppers Springfield, MO

Thai Peppers
1411 E Sunshine St
Springfield, MO

Thai Peppers has a semi-friendly staff, not super helpful or nice. They are located in a nice stand alone building in Springfield. The decor was comfortable and the music was authentic Thai, very welcoming. The restaurant looked and felt very family owned, a plus one in my book.  The Satay came out with a heating flame to keep them warm, probably unnecessary, but still a nice touch, they were delicious. The meat was perfectly lean and the sauces were delectable, the appetizer did it's job, it got me excited for the main course. The pineapple and squash was a little out of the norm for a Yellow Curry dish, but worked well. Great food, I can't say enough about the food, after my last experience with Thai food in Springfield a month ago, I was a little nervous. Everyone around me seemed to really enjoy their meals, I was surprised that the Yelp score was only 3 1/2 stars. They special made the spring rolls for a table of regulars next to me. She packaged up my to go order, it's the small things that help me decide a Thai Food Restaurant's score. My trip to Thai Peppers ended up being a near perfect Thai experience. 

Chicken Satay $5.95
Chicken Yellow Curry $8.95

Food: 9
Atmosphere: 8
People: 7

Total: 24 out of 30

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