Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tong's Thai Restaurant Springfield, MO

Tong's Thai Restaurant
3454 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 

This place was recommended to me from someone I was working with, he looked like he knows his Thai restaurants, so I trusted him and went to see for myself. Mr Tong himself seated me. It felt like I was talking to a celebrity because of the front of the menu having his picture in a prominent area. Nice decor, comfortable, when you step into a place like this, you plan on spending a couple dollars more per plate. 
The Chicken Satay was great, delicious marinade on the chicken and amazing peanut sauce. 
The yellow curry sauce was really amazing, but the chicken didn't have much flavor and was a little dry. They didn't include enough sauce for the amount of vegetables and chicken provided. 

Chicken Satay $6.50
Chicken Yellow Curry $10.95

Food: 7
Atmosphere: 7
People: 7

Total: 21 out of 30

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