Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Surin of Thailand Birmingham, AL

Surin of Thailand
64 Church St
Birmingham, AL

I called for directions and the guy who answered was really nice. If your getting there at night look for a dim yellow glow. It was a bit too expensive for how the decor was. The location of the restaurant (downtown) may be the reason for the high prices. The majority of their menu was sushi, which I found strange because of the sign on their window said "Authentic Thai Food". Pictures on the menu is a tacky move, but owners if you ever read this, have a graphic designer redo your menus. The food was amazing!  I thoroughly enjoyed the creamy taste of the curry sauce. The way they served it was impressive, perfect amount of sauce to rice ratio. The entrĂ©e was served on a really large plate with shallow depth, perfect. I overheard a customer in the table next to me say his wine was bad, not a good sign on the alcohol front. It's not often that I get to go back to a restaurant outside of the Phoenix valley, but I figured since I had a coworker coming to meet me, I would choose the best Thai food I know in Birmingham, I wouldn't say best overall experience in Birmingham, but the food is really great. The second visit was similar to my first. 

Chicken Satay $7
Pot Stickers with Red Curry $7
Chicken Panang $12

Food: 9
People: 8
Atmosphere: 7

Total: 24 out of 30


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